Mali- Nargis Omran

To remind you raced nights
I bite the fingers of time
And come back nostalgic burdened me
I ask you about the lap of love
I have to cry.
This is a current tongue
Mali ....
To the altar of longing
My body is leaving me
Disappointed please
The whip and whip
The saucepan is controlled
Baalati and Ismaili ...

The loudest howls
In the whisper of roses
And alphanumeric
Vinoh roses and breeze
And the current
Even varicose veins
Sent to you
A coincidence and a meeting
Anchor anchor
On the Shatt
The modern has lost
Buh narrated abra
On the corners of the hymns
About the old and the warmth of the old

O transient
In my imagination ... continents
From the sun, from the sunnah
Of Hessis Mursali
Your nose is not shining for your memory
Wishful wishes
And a lion shall sway in Kaffar and Assali
They come back from your mathematician ... dumped
On the edges of the kiln
She has skilled skate in passion
And to bear the fate of every lion
Feast of fate
Ihrab on the letter Bak
Some are partial, some are holistic, and all are holistic
And he brought forth a piece of poem
Translates in all languages
Complementary infertility

Nargis Omran

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