Nargis Omran / The sin of the poem


The guilt of the poem


Before realizing the goals of the sigh

The spirit is strained

It falls on its icicles

I salute the numbness of the words

Of agility and relief

To hear a whisper

From the hyss images

He sipped wine

From the shores of the seas

And a knight

Jedi Dreams


Oh ....

Is the pain in the gap of sight?

Or the birth of a joy of character?

Or the sadness of sadness

Some or all of my friends ..

 Al - Saad Aqim

He was born from the womb of a pulse

 Dying ......... poem

Rhyme and jellyfish

For oil he cries

Do not burn

Do not panic

Be soft at the projection

 A child

Rub my head gently on the severing of the pain

The bedsheets give you

Family Journal

You will see the eyes of time


The ambitions of the country

Al Ruy is hoping

The sergeant slams you as a guard

The prohibition of forbidden

His cold is cold

And the spoil of Ben Firnas


Is the poem

Fall in the lap of resentment!

If the permissible is exceeded in the purposes

I will make you a fool

You will not pray the goal of your readers

Of your goals

And guilt

The sin of the poem


Nargis Omran


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