Terms of Use

Terms of use change from time to time, in the case of such changes, Lucky Saidaty will display the site notifications in order to be aware of them. Your continued use of the Lucky Saidaty website is based on the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use, as amended from time to time in order to provide better service and maintain the highest quality. Any violation of this Agreement by the customer / subscriber will account for the prohibition (Stop final) without prior notice.

Protect users

  • Is committed to site management Lucky Saidaty buyer protection against fraud or failure to provide a service, it provided that the correspondence and agreement among all the demand in the site Lucky Saidaty and be applied for all to use.
  • In cases ban the expense caused by penetrating or doubt of Lucky Saidaty management, the right to site Lucky Saidaty request personal documents and phone numbers and any personal information to prove the user and then have the right to manage the recalculation or continue blocked as it deems appropriate.
  • Your subscription to the Lucky Saidaty you agree to govern site Lucky Saidaty the problems that occur between the seller and the buyer, nor any of the parties has the right to object to the rule of Lucky Saidaty problem in any way, as this judgment is binding on the parties as a whole.

Reasons account ban in Lucky Saidaty:

Site Lucky Saidaty Management reserves the right to ban any account considers it a violation of, or damage to the site Lucky Saidaty or for users without user alert, noting that the ban on the user account due to the discretion of management and be with the entire score may not be returned, as well as the cancellation of current orders between him and the users.

  • Any violation of the requirement or provision of the Terms of Lucky Saidaty
  • Lucky Saidaty damaging the site or its users by any means.
  • Publish any private information is not available to the user is the same as text or images within applications such as letters between the seller and buyer, or technical support tickets messages, and is a violation of the privacy of Lucky Saidaty This means the account permanently ban.
  • Promotion, publicity, advertising, orders, sales, sites like Lucky Saidaty
  • Delivery service and get the money before it is implemented quite full.
  • Exploit the ignorance of the seller to the buyer the service and try to circumvent it, or vice versa.
  • Paypal account using stolen.
  • Use more than a Paypal account.
  • Abuse of any other user or destination inside or outside the Lucky Saidaty in any form.
  • An attempt to defraud the Lucky Saidaty site or its users in any way.
  • Acting as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer within the Lucky Saidaty, so that the amount received from the buyer and deliver it personally to the seller, this command displays the three accounts of the ban.
  • Date more than one account at the site and this accounts for the prohibition of displays together.
  • The user's choice of a non-state where they live in their profile.
  • Recording as the young girl or vice versa.
  • Repeat more than a violation of the terms of the site Lucky Saidaty, or add the user to repeat the means of contact with, or Services offense.
  • New threads or comments in the spam community Lucky Saidaty.
  • Messages use before buying in violation of such external communication, promote their services, spam, inconvenience seller, ask about any matter is not about the service you are inquiring about, the exchange of services rather than purchase.
  • Impersonate another person.
  • Seller agreement with the user in order to buy his services for the purpose of evaluation only, and will be blocked accounts together.
  • Delete or stop the service, and then re-submitted in order to delete or hide the negative evaluation.
  • The process of cancellation of services by the buyer or seller for no apparent reason.
  • Date as the dissenting user such as phone number, email, website address, names that contain the word: professional. Name harmless ...
  • The buyer asks contrary to the terms of service and Lucky Saidaty Seller accepts this, accounts displays the ban.
  • The request from another user services with the aim evaluated negatively.
  • Piracy any Arab product and sell it in the Lucky Saidaty, or request any product piracy.

Objectionable services:

Services are deleted violation of the terms of site with Lucky Saidaty send an alert to the user with a message to his e-mail explain the reason for denial of service knowing that it is entitled to delete the site Lucky Saidaty service that it deems contrary to the terms without giving a reason for that. Rule of thumb is to provide services: Xi specified very clearly within a specified period specified price.

  • Service is quite clear, which contain the words are not clear in the title such as "limited period", "+ gift" and promotional services to a person or company.
  • Service is written in classical Arabic language or local dialect
  • Political services, sectarianism ....
  • The use of motifs in the title or description of the service
  • Services that have been repeating the description several times to fill the void
  • Services which do not have a model to work with the necessity of its existence, such as design services and create videos.
  • Sale sites, accounts or pages in locations that prevent it, such as social networking ...
  • Services sold only once.
  • Containment of service violation or a bad image quality or contrary to the terms of Lucky Saidaty video image.
  • Services in violation of the laws of the countries, and other conditions related sites, or the teachings of Islam.
  • Cracks programs, books and any pirated or contrary to the rights of other product, and any sale process does not get Lucky Saidaty be responsible for it, and it can be canceled.
  • Books and courses: accept if the service seller is the author and should it before it can send a complete copy of the product to write technical support even been studied and ensure its quality and ownership.
  • Services asking for personal information unnecessarily, such as full name, phone number ...
  • Services completely copied from other people.
  • Services that are harmful to the location of Lucky Saidaty or users, either directly or indirectly.
  • Spam messages: such as sending thousands or millions of mailings, or programs that send spam and send e-mail collective ...
  • Marketing commission services to other sites, or clicking on ads services, or a quick profit, or put links for-profit ones in service in any way.
  • Visitors bring in ways that are not services